First meeting- “Would you like to distinguish between a good and bad Quality Coffee?”

A fun journey in the search for the perfect taste and to discover the secrets of the most beloved beverage of Italians. The entire program is subdivided into three days and takes place in the Caffè Italia establishment. The tastings/courses are dedicated to all those  interested in knowing more about coffee, from the tasting techniques of espresso, to the cultivation and production of coffee in plantations, roasting, specialty coffees and the many techniques involved in the extraction of coffee. The meetings are preparatory.

It is preferable to have participated in the initial meeting in order to take part in the second and third meetings.


  • Tools to develop the sense of taste
  • Espresso: Origin and trends
  • Learn to taste an espresso
  • The journey of the coffee bean, from plantation to cup

Detailed description of the meeting::

  • Brief presentation of the company, its trainers and the company’s vision.
  • Practice session that involves tasting different flavors (sweet, bitter, acidic, salty) and learning how to distinguish them, even in coffee.
  • Short theoretical session about espresso, the origins and today’s beverage.
  • Practical espresso tasting session of three different blends, including the completion of data sheets about the espresso taste
  • Theoretical and video session about the journey of the coffee bean before becoming an espresso at the Bar.
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Caffè Italia Facility


17:00 – 19:30