Consulting and marketing

Caffè Italia expertise for your business

Today, portioned coffee is becoming more widespread among experts and lovers, thus achieving an important market.  Many specialized shops have opened in the last few years in Italy offering this new commercial opportunity and searching to increase market share.

Without a proper cultural preparation, these retail outlets become impersonal small coffee supermarkets that cannot offer quality service and advice that clients are looking for. Thus, they have little possibility of survival.

Caffè Italia, thanks to its experience and knowledge, offers specialized consultation directed to this type of retail outlet to improve a better understanding of the world of coffee as well as an economic and financial analysis and marketing.

In particular, the service provides a consulting activity specialized for:

  • creating  an espresso coffee culture, in order to offer the right product/service to  clients;
  • financial consulting, in order to have a clear picture of the economic framework and to understand how and where to program discounts and promotions, planning the income, choosing which products to buy and how to utilize storage;
  • marketing and image, to understand which services to introduce in order to achieve success, how to manage communication, how to use the website and social networks.