Quality and passion

Every day we are committed to change the world of coffee

Caffè Italia is convinced that the world of coffee will undergo a profound and radical transformation in the next five years, similar to that of the wine industry in the ‘80s and later the food industry in general. The offering of a more sophisticated wine production differentiated among vineyards, the possibility to choose artisanal beers with diverse aromatic profiles and the availability of organic (‘Bio’) foods are just some examples of the profound market changes in the last 30 years.

For this reason, the company team has been committed since its origins to spreading major awareness to the consumer, supporting the development of a coffee market that is characterized by quality, originality, and specialization.

The principle aim is to contribute to the increasing knowledge of coffee taste, not only espresso, its characteristics and properties. An excellent coffee is not only the result of selection at the plantation, but also the product of masterful art of blending and roasting. The craftsmanship involved in this preparation is that which marks its authentic Italian taste.

A unique and excellent taste that is both healthy and good.