The roastery

The art of Mario Miconi for the products of Caffè Italia

Caffè Italia blends are special recipes realized with varieties carefully selected to ensure only the finest quality is processed. The excellence of the raw materials is married with the art and mastery of the roaster who refines each product as if it was a haute cuisine recipe, giving his own artistic touch to each creation.

Every Caffè Italia product is the fruit of Master Roaster Mario Miconi’s  knowledge. He is a professional with agricultural DNA, with University education in history and philosophy. In 2006 he started  his educational journey with the best SCAE educators.

In 2014 Miconi ranks first in the selection of the Italian Roasting Championship held in Lecce. In 2015 he is a finalist in the Italian Cup tasting championship. He qualified third also in 2015 and 2016 Italian Roasting Championship, held in Bergamo and Rimini.


Caffè Italia combines advanced equipment with the knowledge and passion of coffee experts, create an artisanal micro-roastery:

  • S.T.A. model Futura K30. A 30 kg. roaster with electronic control of the roasting profiles.
  • Giesen Roaster WA6. Latest generation roaster in the micro-roastery sector that, via modular flames, controls air flow and rotation of the drum and guarantees absolute control of the heat to coffee greens and perfect reproduction of the roasting profiles.
  • Storage silos with room for single varieties for separate roasting.
  • Rest silos in controlled atmospheres.
  • Rossi coffee pod machine, with Colombini grinder having an efficiency of 60 pods/minute.
  • Automated packaging
  • Quality control for every lot pre and post production.