A new renaissance

The cultural transformation of the Third Wave

The world of coffee is undergoing a new renaissance, a transformation that recalls that which occurred in the wine industry in the 80’s when producers and visionary winemakers revolutionized the standards of production quality and the culture of taste. This cultural transformation in the world of coffee is called “the third wave”: coffee is important for its good taste and no longer for its energetic function or social role.

This movement has spread quickly in the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian countries and is becoming increasingly more important in Mediterranean bringing with it a renewed attention for the care, craftsmanship and refinement of the coffee product.

Coffee of the third wave finds its ideal production place in the micro-roastery where artisanal attention to production is possible and where profound knowledge of the raw material as well as a great passion for this unique beverage emerges.

Caffè Italia believes in this revolution that is in line with its philosophy of creating good products that are also healthy.
Art facilities, know-how of excellence, attention to quality are the foundation of a production that aims to be original, excellent, unique.