About us

between ethics and practice, Caffè Italia production is committed to combine taste and health

Our customers keep saying it over and over: they just can not forget their first experience with our coffee. Coffee suddenly is something entirely new to them, and makes coffee a whole different experience.

That’s is because we have a passion for producing the best coffee, and we well know how much effort it takes to do so at every step of the production. We restlessly work amongst ourselves and with our customers to make the whole process always better and better.

The task of making the best coffee begins by sourcing some of the best arabica beans from all over the world each crop season.

Once the green coffee is bought, we start studying and testing a new roast profile for that crop. Our goal is to bring out the  each coffee’s distinct character and inherent qualities. This is what makes us artisans of coffee.

All of this comes to being able to offer a invariably outstanding but different selection of coffees.

Caffè Italia is a young Roastery north of Rome, that works with the care and passion that only an artisan can achieve. We are a first generation company deeply rooted in the agricultural world, with experience in olive oil and wine cultivation.

Our main aim is to contribute to the ongoing process of coffee appreciation. An excellent coffee is not only the result of a selection at the plantation, but also the result of masterful art of blending and roasting.

Caffè Italia’s philosophy combines ethics and practice which includes: the purchase, production and commercialization of foods that are healthy and tasty, with lots of attention to every phase of the production chain.