Third meeting- “Not only Espresso…”

A fun journey in the search for the perfect taste and to discover the secrets of the beverage most beloved by Italians. The entire program is subdivided into three days and takes place in the Caffè Italia establishment. The tasting courses are directed to all those who are interested in knowing more about coffee, from the tasting techniques to the cultivation and production in coffee plantations, roasting, specialty coffees and the many techniques of coffee extraction.

The meetings will be preparatory. It is preferable to have participated in the initial meeting in order to take part in the second and third meetings.


  • Made in Italy vs the rest of the world, the different ways to drink coffee
  • The specialty bar, is this the future?
  • Coffee even at happy hour?

Detailed description of the meeting:

  • The meeting will be entirely dedicated to the many ways to drink coffee. Espresso is not the only form in which to drink it. Many ways exist and are becoming more popular even in Italy.
  • Practice tasting session for Specialty Coffees in diverse forms (filtered coffee, infusion, cascara, cold extracted, etc…).
  • Short discussion regarding the possible future of the Italian Bar and of specialty coffee bars.
  • Practice tasting session, drinking coffees even during ‘aperitivo’ time.
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Caffè Italia Facility


17:00 – 19:30