Second Meeting – “The Art of Roasting and Special Coffees”

A fun journey in search for the perfect taste and to discover the secrets of the beverage most beloved by Italians. The program is subdivided into three days and takes place in the Caffè Italia establishment. The tasting courses are dedicated to all those who are interested in knowing more about coffee, from the tasting techniques to the cultivation and production of coffee in plantations, roasting, specialty coffees and the  many techniques of coffee extraction.

The meetings are preparatory. It is preferable to have participated in the initial meeting in order to take part in the second and third meetings.


  • The art of roasting and blending
  • Specialty coffees
  • Espresso special coffees
  • Caffeine – friend or enemy?

Detailed description of the meeting:

  • Short theoretical session on the Roasting and the art of blending.
  • Practice session on Roasting and steps of the various phases of roasting.
  • Specialty coffees, what are they and how will they be inserted into the Italian market.
  • Practice tasting session involving espresso in Specialty Coffees.
  • Debunking some myths….What is caffeine? How to manage and measure out caffeine during the day? Is caffeine bad for you?
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Caffè Italia Facility


17:00 – 19:30