Claudio Zanchi


“There are basic principles of quality that, in the last few decades, are completely  fading into our society”.

These are the words of Claudio Zanchi – founder of Caffè Italia – who, in addition to the great passion for coffee, has always been driven by the desire to rediscover and obtain the highest quality for its products.

From this comes the attention to the choice of green coffee, that is the raw material with which the blends are created.

“Caffè Italia not only chooses the most precious qualities of green coffee but, all the coffee we bought and worked, is selected and washed, so with no defects.” Zanchi keeps on pointing out.

And he adds: “Caffè Italia, adopting separeted roasting, can bring out from every coffee its best feature”.

Why the slogan choice “Il gusto che fa salute”? “Il gusto che fa salute for us it’s not just a slogan” – Claudio Zanchi says with pride – “it’s a leit motiv that takes every step of our production, from the purchase and selection of green coffee, to staff, materials and packaging techniques”.