Emanuele Bernabei


I am a Barista and a coffee lover. I drew close to the world of coffee in Brazil when I worked as a process analyst in the IT sector.

I started out of curiosity in 2013, attending courses in a Caffetteria of Sao Paolo, where the quality of the raw materials, the equipment and the staff training were of outmost importance. This is where I had a radical life change.

I decided to quit my IT Job and return to Italy to start my life as a barista.

I continued- and I always continue- to study and learn, working in bars, fairs and events. After approximately two years experience in the field, I started to focus in the area of barista and personnel training.

Caffè Italia is a coffee company that matches my philosophy. We started to collaborate in 2015 but it was only in 2016 that the relationship notably intensified. I now perform the role of Barista, taking care of Training and Quality Control in particular.

I participated to many courses, listening and learning from professionals from Sao Paolo in Brazil to Florence, Milan and Rome in Italy. I have obtained the SCAE Coffee Diploma after a series of exams covering the coffee world at 360°, from roasting, botany and tasting to the extraction techniques in espresso and other preparation methods.

Tel. 380 1998876