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Caffè Italia at the Wave Market

Caffè Italia present at the Wave Market, event that aims to promote art and craftsmanship , good music and good food.

Also Caffè Italia present  at the sixth edition of the Wave Market: itinerant event that aims to promote not only art and craftsmanship but, also, good music and good food.

On 22 and 23 April , Serra Madre, an innovative farm born in Ostia antica, hosted the event that attracted thousands people.

Believing strongly in the cultural, artistic and economic revitalization of the territory, is what created the Wave Market project.  Monthly events are organized for this purpose, which have as their cornerstone the exaltation of craftsmanship in all its forms.

Wave Market  is a movement that focuses on the concept of aggregation, that’s the reason why every event also becomes an occasion for social interaction and mutual inspiration. And just as a socialization vehicle, Wave Market intended to start a partnership with several brands of Food and Beverage spread across the roman territory.

For its commitment to the choice of raw materials and to the attention and care in the processing, Caffè Italia is the brand that has been chosen to represent the coffee world at the Wave Market in April 2017.

Plenty of coffee lovers crowded Caffè Italia booth, who were enthusiastic and enchanted by “the taste that brings wellbeing”.